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There's no "I" in rockband

Star Republic/SQLI Nordics keep growing and need more smart, creative and tech-savvy coworkers who can help us develop the absolute best solutions within digital commerce and tailor made systems. You'll be part of something bigger, create loads of awesome stuff and do so in a team that has as much talent as you do.

The office in


The office in


Come as you are

We're an awesome and dynamic mixture of people. From überhipsters to sport jocks, breakdancers to beer makers, Magic fans to hard rockers, parents to globetrotters. Our mix of people mean a lot to us and we like to hang out with each other even after work hours. Agency trups, ping-pong tournaments, gaming nights, lectures, events, mutual workouts, competitions, hackathons and after works make every day work so much better. Happy and healthy colleagues create better solutions. Therefore we try hard to have a well-functioning and innovative working environment, where every individual can be their best selves.

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